Lighting + Special Effects

Whether it’s simply adding a splash of color to the dance floor or completely changing the ambiance of an event space with perimeter uplighting, adding dimension with pin spot lighting, accenting a space with pattern projections, or putting your own personal touch on the event with a custom monogram or logo, we’re here to handle the production of your vision from start to finish.




Nothing can change the atmosphere of an events space quite like professionally designed uplighting. It can also spell disaster for aesthetics of your event space & your professional wedding photos, if it’s not done correctly. Based on your venue, floor plan, color palette, & decor, every install is done by our professional production team and is designed based on the correct type & number of fixtures required to achieve the look you're dreaming of.



Whether its your company logo, a couple's monogram (sometimes called a Gobo), or images meant to tie in a themed party, we can help elevate the experience providing the A/V & in-house design to do it.  Wedding Monogram Projections: You spent a small fortune on those beautiful invitations and other stationary used at the reception, now tie it all together by adding a custom designed monogram projection to your wedding. We'll tastefully develop a design that incorporates the font styles found throughout your stationary and project professional grade, HD projector to showcase your name or company


Pin Spots 

Pin Spot fixtures are used to highlight specific items throughout an event. For weddings we most commonly highlight the wedding cake & centerpieces. Installation restrictions vary by venue.