No matter what type of event you're inquiring about, one fact remains the same; we strive to provide the best possible service by dedicating ourselves to our client's overall experience throughout every facet of the planning process and the overall execution of the event details. 


Each of our events boast unique experiences rooted in their host’s personality. Since no two couples share the same story - No two weddings are ever the same.

While budget and ‘big box’ DJ companies will offer a steeply discounted rate and a standard sales pitch to try and book you quickly, we take a different approach. Our main focus to ensure we are the best fit for you. Your comfort and confidence while booking with us and throughout the planning process is our top priority. We always do a consultation (either on the phone, FaceTime, or in person) prior to booking. Our quote and contract process is all online for your convenience.

Remember that when considering other DJ companies, despite adverting, many of these DJs are part time, they work for a portion of an already discounted fee, have older equipment, simply pack what they can fit in a personal vehicle and hope for the best at each event - sometimes 2 in the same day. You wont have access to them during the prior months of planning & may not speak to the DJ until the week of your wedding. Is that DJ motivated to do the best job they can? Is a rushed, sweaty, and tired DJ & Emcee the best option for your special occasion? Is that person really advocating for you ?

We work with a TEAM FIRST mentality. Our DJs understand that our every move can greatly impact the flow of the wedding and that not only affects you and your guests, but your vendors. We work hand in hand with your photographer, videographer, coordinators, catering, & venue staff to ensure every moment of the night is orchestrated to perfection. We offer studio quality sound for videographers to record from at no additional charge and use photographer friendly lighting for decor and fun moments on the dance floor.

Each of our weddings and events are specifically designed for our clients based on their specific needs. Our DJs bring in their own basic setup, typically mixers and monitors, our production teams handle the rest. We want your entertainment to be top quality, so our production team sets the lighting, larger format sound systems, and A/V in order to keep your DJ safe and rested for the performance.

EMCEE: We strive to be tasteful, fun, & conversational without being cheesy and over the top. Our emcee style consists of moderate interaction with your guests keeping them entertained, informed, and feeling welcome throughout the occasion.

MUSIC: With access to a growing library of over 40,000,000 digital song titles, we accommodate every level of involvement in regards to music planning. Playback can be as simple as professionally faded background music to LIVE club-like mixing. We can custom create a fun parent dance in our studio and have had clients bring us a family members vinyl album to digitize for a special memory on the dance floor. We'll walk you through each portion of the event, make suggestions, take your requests, and put everything together to create the perfect soundtrack for you and your guests to enjoy. 

EQUIPMENT: The right tools for the right project: We provide professional grade sound from manufactures like Bose, Shure, & QSC, custom tailored to each event based on the size of your event space, guest count, & music style. We utilize Bose (TM) professional audio for most events in an effort to provide the best possible sound, with the smallest possible footprint. Our goal is to provide a safe, clutter free, and ascetically pleasing work space to ensure the best possible backdrop in pictures & video.

PROMOTION: We do NOT promote our brand at your event unless otherwise requested. We do not have banners on our tables, announce our company name, or place our business cards at your guest’s place settings. Yes, this a common practice among DJs.

LIGHTING: Our team professionally designs uplighting, pin-spotting, wash lights, & dance floor lighting based on your decor & design aesthetics, floor plan, guest count, agenda, and music requests. [Gallery Coming Soon]

PROJECTIONS: Whether your looking to project patterns and textures, holiday messages, company logos, or a monogram, we can do it. With the use of new HD projections systems and our graphic designers we'll help you design a professional image (often referred to as a GOBO) perfect for your event space. [Gallery coming soon]

SPECIAL EFFECTS: indoor cold sparkler fountains, dancing on a cloud, C02 Cannons, synchronized Confetti cannons, fog & haze for light shows are available pending venue restrictions.

LIVE MUSICIANS: We’re introducing our Fusion Entertainment starting in 2019!

DJ & Drummer combo, Latin Congas & Bongos players, Soloist Singer & Guitar Players of various styles are now available for ceremony, cocktail hour, custom first dances, dinner sets, and fusion entertainment for the reception.

SOCIAL: Gala’s, Fashion Shows, Fund Raisers, & Community Events

CORPORATE: Family Fun Days, Holiday Parties, Promotional Events, etc.

A/V SERVICES: Our team and production partners can produce events for groups of 10 up to 10,000 attendees.

We offer packages for any size group, including sound, wireless microphones & PA, 60” LED TVs on mobile stands, projector & Screens, etc. to full concert sound, large format screens, stage lighting, & production.