Looking for some song inspiration?

You’re in the right place.

We’ve researched hundreds of sample playlists from wedding websites across the internet and combined them with thousands of real requests from our weddings to bring you this list of custom curated playlists to fit any style of wedding. If you don’t see a style your looking for, contact us and we’ll make it custom for you.



This is your guests first impression of the wedding day. It typically starts about 20 minutes before you walk down the aisle. What type of atmosphere would you like us to create ?

  1. Traditional - String Quartet

  2. Modern - String Quartet

  3. Traditional Piano

  4. Acoustic Guitar

  5. Steel Drum

  6. Indie / Acoustic

  7. Country

  8. Modern Love Songs

Cocktail Hour

Here’s a great place to tie in a theme for the wedding or special event. Whether you’re looking to create a fun, elegant, Lounge vibe, or sophisticated, This is a great place to work in some of the guest requests that might kill a dance floor later on.

  1. Wedding Vibes

  2. Country

  3. Tropical / Beach Vibe:

  4. Modern Pop Top 40

  5. Guardians of The Galaxy Playlist:

  6. Indie & Adult Alternative

  7. Mixed

  8. Post Modern Jukebox (speak easy vibe)

  9. Electronic (Deep House, Chill, Lounge Vibes)


Your dinner playlist starts when guests enter the room, settles during your formalities and starts to build during the meal. Here are a few different styles to chose from.

  1. Classic & Traditional

  2. Instrumental & Jazzy:

  3. Disney Instrumentals:

  4. Modern Covers:

  5. Acoustic EDM Dinner:

  6. Instrumental String Quartet

  7. Country Love Songs:

  8. Tropical Dinner:

  9. Soft Indie Vibes:

  10. 90’s Love Songs:

  11. DJ Cory Barron’s Dinner Mix:

Parent Dance Songs can be some of the most difficult one to select. We broke this down a few ways for the most commonly used formats. Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance, Combined Parent Dance, & a Mother Daughter Dance.

  1. Father Daughter Dance

  2. Mother Son Dance

  3. Join Parent Dance

Parent Dances

Cake cutting can be a focal point in the evening or just something that happens in the background. Here’s a list of our favorites and the most requested Cake Cutting Songs.

  1. Cake Cutting

  2. FloRida vs Bazzi - Beautiful vs Cake (HAYS MashUp)

Cake Cutting

We broke this section down to 3 playlists, typically in the order they occur on the timeline.

  1. Bouquet Toss

  2. Garter Removal & Reversal

  3. Garter Toss

Bouquet + Garter Toss

This section includes lists for commonly requested songs for other other parts of the celebration.

  1. Anniversary Dance

  2. Dollar Dance

  3. Slow Dances / Couples Dances

  4. Last Song of the Night

Other Formalities

There’s so many options that go into creating the perfect reception playlist - these are just sample lists of some of the most requested songs and a few of our favorites.

  1. Classic Reception Dance Songs

  2. Top 200 Most Requested Songs (2019)

  3. Latin Fusion

  4. Hip Hop & R&B

  5. Country Must Plays

  6. EDM

  7. DJ Cory Barron & Co. Top Picks


Coming Soon:

Open Format Mixes covering multiple decades, genres, and mixing styles.

  1. Cory’s Open Format Mix

  2. Andrew’s House Music Mix

  3. Eric’s Hip Hop, R&B, & Reggae Mix

  4. Ivan’s Latin Fusion Mix

Sample Mixes