Client Education: Uplighting Pt.2 - The Truth about Uplighting Packages

Proper Coverage is the key to creating a beautifully lit event space. Take a look at your Pinterest boards and saved pictures on your Instagram… all those spaces were done with at MINIMUM 20 -30 lighting fixtures.

If the budget DJ company you inquired with is offering a package of 12 lights for $295, $195, or free - is that a good deal? What about 18 lights for $395 or less. Is that enough lighting to achieve your vision ? If you’re not asking the right questions, probably not.

27 uplights at the haytt regency clearwater beach by barron + co. Djs

27 uplights at the haytt regency clearwater beach by barron + co. Djs

Here’s the questions you should be asking about uplighting:

  1. Is that DJ also a lighting designer ?

  2. How old is their equipment ?

  3. Based on the fee for lighting services, is that DJ motivated to do the best job for you? Probably not.

  4. Can they program lighting onsite if you're not happy with the preselected color?

  5. Can they change the mood of the room when dancing starts ?

  6. Is that DJ willing to do an onsite consultation just for lighting design purposes?

  7. Do they keep additional lighting onsite incase one or more fixtures go down?

For a professional lighting company - that’s 300+lbs of gear, one additional staff member, a delivery vehicle rental, hours of programming, consultation time, & over $10,000.00 invested in equipment.

No one who does lighting well, does it for nothing.

Here’s a breakdown of pre-packaged uplighting offered by cheap DJ companies (in a room with 4 walls).

8 Lights: 1 Light per corner, 1 per wall

12 Lights: 1 in each corner, 2 per wall.

18 Lights: 1 in each corner, 3 per wall, and a choice of an accented entryway, or your cake table, & your sweetheart table.

Bottom line is NO, that is not enough coverage. 20 is typically what we recommend at minimum for any event space. Your photographer & videographer will thank you (and us) later.

30 LED Uplights at the vinoy park hotel grand ballroom by barron + Co. DJS

30 LED Uplights at the vinoy park hotel grand ballroom by barron + Co. DJS

What makes us different?

We sell uplighting by the fixture. Each individual room has different requirements, and our design is based on the floor plan, your wedding colors, flowers, & stationary.

Our wireless technology is NEW - that means bright colors, endless color options, fixtures that last the entire event, and no re-fresh rate that will poorly impact the video and photos taken in the reception space by your guests and professional vendor teams.

Our Production teams are trained & creative professional lighting designers - concerned about ascetics & safety. Period

Remember that when lighting is done right, it not only positively affects the atmosphere of the room, but it can change the psychology of room too. Do you want your guests to feel welcome as that enter a well lit warm candlelight colored space as they are seated for dinner and greeted by your master of ceremonies ? How about excited to get to the dance floor as the room fades to a bolder color selected from from your wedding colors, then completely immersed in the experience as the entire room changes color to the beat of the music. Lighting done right, by a professional, can do that.