Client Education: Uplighting

Uplighting can make a huge impact on the atmosphere of an event space! As a client purchasing lighting services, how do you know what you’re getting from your vendors? Chances are, unless you’re asking the right questions - you probably don’t. 

Lighting technology has changed drastically over the last 10 years and with the changes specifically in LED technology that could mean trouble for your event, IF, your vendors aren’t using newer fixtures. Older lights create colors by mixing individual Red, Blue, & Green LEDs causing a medley of colors including streaks of unwanted colors to show up on walls and other surfaces until the color tones even out. Old batteries only last a few hours, so many times these older fixtures will die during an event, leaving blank and poorly lit areas not only aesthetically displeasing, but unsafe. Older fixtures also often have a ‘refresh rate’ causing some lights to look like they’re rapidly flashing (strobe light effect) or cause bands of darkness to appear in photos and video. This refresh rate can cause nightmares for your photographer & videographer. DJs and other vendors offering free or low cost lighting options often use these products.

Rest assured when working with us, our goals are to simply offer a quality, vendor friendly service. Our brand new wireless LED uplighting fixtures have 6 different solid color LEDs allowing us to make over 1.2 million custom colors, a 20 hour battery life, are capable of throwing color over 100ft and have NO refresh rate - completely solid color in all photos and video. If you have questions please reach out to us! @djcorybarron #lightingdesign #lightinspired #uplighting #weddingprofessionals#weddingpro #weddinguplighting #uplightingprofessionals#floridawedding #weddingdj #destinationwedding #tampalighting#tampalights #usawedding #usadj #ido #weddingeducation#weddingedu #weddingeducationculture #vendorshelpingvendors #djcbandco